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Statement, 8 October 2019
A woman at around the age of 65 gave this statement:
My brother and I had been having a bit of a strained relationship in recent few years.
We were unable to communicate and always ended up arguing, so I contacted Bjorn to try to understand where the problem was.
My brother and his family were coming here for a holiday, and I wanted us all to have a good week together.
I would also like to mention that my brother and I have always had a good time together, we share the same sense of humour and outlook on life.
However, something had just gone wrong along the way the last few years, and I wanted to find out what this was and if I could get our relationship back to where it was.
I was angry with him and thought he had become "an old fool".

During the session with Bjorn and "ThoughtRevision", it became clear that what I was feeling was
great sorrow about me having somehow "lost" my brother.
This sorrow was pocessed in some mystical fashion, and once we were done, I found myself left with a feeling of relief
and understanding that my brother presumably felt the same.

The following days, before my brother was due to arrive, I thought about things a lot. I needed to listen to what he was saying
instead of attacking him. That was why he got so agitated, because he felt like I was attacking him.

The first night they were here and after the rest of the family had gone to bed, my brother and I stayed up and talked.
It was amazing. We were sitting and talking like we used to and put the world to rights until quite late
and he opened up to me about his thoughts and concerns. We both listened to each other.
I had transferred my "change" to him, and vice versa.
The rest of the week that they were staying at my place we had no issues.

I have used ThoughtRevision in other situations before this, where it also helped me to see things from a defferent perspective.
ThoughtRevision works in a way that you process the bad thoughts and feelings yourself, kind of like a self-healing.
I strongly recommend ThoughtRevision.

With friendly and positive thoughts,

Statement, 9 October 2019
I have had both great benefit and enjoyment from ThoughtRevision when it comes to finding clarity and inner peace
in relation to interacting with another person.
Using ThoughtRevision, which is a fantastic and simple tool, I was guided through the
thoughts and feelings that I find difficult to contain and accept in a targeted manner.
When I have succeeded in being completely honest in my responcec
(which - thanhfully - only the PC knows!) I have experienced the indescribable feeling of joy that comes from releasing
old thought patterns and emotional reactions which only belong in the past and do not serve me anymore.
And sometimes, it takes more than one try before it works.
I can only recommend that you try it - and the sooner the better!