My name is Bjorn Dean Petersen. I was born in 1943 and am trained as a radio mechanic and electrical technician. I have been working with computers since 1968.

In 1976, I began to take an interest in the human mind and its functions.
In order to learn more about the mind, I began looking at general psychology, various different new age methods and different religions.
I learned a lot from these sources but they didn't give me what I was lookin for.
I therefore decided to turn my attention inwards. I began to really wonder about things, and I started finding answers as well.
My goal was to discover why we humans create so much suffering for ourselves and for others, and to find a method that - instead of creating suffering - could create some more joy.

During my search into my mind and the mind of others, I gradually began to understand how our minds work and to develop a method that could repair the mind.

A method that I call ThoughtRevision® .

My breakthrough came in 1996, when I decided to be of optimum benefit to both myself and to others.
This decision led me to receive, from the higher powers, gradually the knowledge and the skills i needed to develop this method.

Kind regards,

Bjorn Dean Petersen
Lyngdal 21, Gl. Rye
DK - 8680 Ry
Tlf.: +45 86898510 / +45 24835449